Conservatory-Quality Singing Lessons

For the past several years, professional singer and voice teacher Gregory Blankenbehler  has been one of the sought after voice teachers in the Sacramento area.

He is beloved for the positive and supportive manner he uses in bringing his extensive singing knowledge and training to his students.

Working with students of all ages and abilities, Gregory Blankenbehler’s personal touch of exceptional technical and teaching skills along with careful attention and customization to each individual’s needs has brought musical success to all of his students along with their genuine enjoyment and excitement for their new abilities.

“I seek to inspire my students by teaching them challenging skills, techniques, and stylistic practices while being mindful and supportive of their individual desires and needs so as to instill in them a great love of music and musical performance. I feel I am successful when I empower the student in both ability and desire to embrace great music.”

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  • Testimonials

    "At age seven, my daughter started studying piano and voice with Greg. I have attended all of her lessons, and have enjoyed observing Greg's teaching style. I believe that my daughter's rapid progress has been nurtured by both the way Greg has applied his technical experience, and his gentle manner."

    --Mike from Mountain View.

    "Greg is FANTASTIC - he has been teaching both of our children on Monday evenings for the past several months. He's a terrific teacher and we highly recommend him."

    --Elizabeth from Ladera.

  • Success Stories

    A female student in her mid 20s came to me with a breathy and unstable tone, problems singing in tune, and difficulty singing high but a great desire to sing beautifully. After instructing her how to use her voice correctly and lots of practice, her voice began to improve quickly. After about a year she was singing beautiful soprano opera pieces and sang a solo in a Stanford choir concert that prompted her mother to come up to me afterwards with tearful thank-you’s.

    A 6-year-old female voice student started out singing mono-tone in a pinched voice. After only a few lessons we expanded her singing range to over an octave, accurately hitting all the intervals between, and opened up her tone. In her first recital, she sang “This Land is Your Land” to the amazement of her family and peers.

    A middle-aged female voice student came to me having never sung much in her life but always wanting to. Her voice was quite raspy and had such difficulty shifting registers that several notes in the middle of her range would not sound at all. I worked with her for some time on singing fundamentals and designed a customized practice routine that has slowly improved her range to over 2 1/2 octaves. Today she is singing the songs she loves and preparing to audition for her church choir.

    A male senior in high school came to me to improve his singing in the musicals he frequently performed in. Together we addressed his breathing and support faults, nasal tone and spent a lot of time on his acting and presentation during singing. By the end of the year, the student auditioned for and was accepted into a prestigious musical theater training program and is on his way to fulfilling his dream of performing on Broadway.

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