My name is Greg Blankenbehler.  I am a voice teacher in Citrus Heights, near Sacramento, California.

About a year ago I put this site up for the students in my private voice studio so they could practice vocal exercises daily at home.  Adding the daily warm-ups on this site (and other individualized content) to their weekly lessons proved to be very helpful in quickly building their pitch, tone, legato line, agility, etc.  I was surprised, however, when I began receiving comments from out of town.  The exercises and student pages were blocked to everyone except my students (for copyright and privacy concerns), but they were still benefiting from the Vaccai exercises and Italian art songs that I had made available to the internet at large.  Several people inquired whether there was a way that they could also have access to my students’ exercises.

So I have decided to go ahead and open up this site on a subscription basis.  I am a private voice teacher that happens to have some technology know-how, not a get-rich-quick-internet-entrepreneur, so this service will be based on the traditional teacher-student relationship, not some slick turn-key “30 pre-recorded lessons will make you a star” con job.  I will consider individuals who sign up for this service to be real students of mine and intend to personally interact with them and give them the professional direction they need to become skilled singers.

To inquire about joining as one of my online students, please fill out the New Student Request Form. For any other questions, you can contact me here.


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