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Becoming an Online Student:

To become an online student of Greg Blankenbehler, voice teacher, first submit a New Student Request Form and wait for the teacher to give you the go-ahead.

Once you have been accepted as a student, you will receive a login name and password and pay your tuition using paypal:

Online Studio Options


The following services are offered by this website:

1. Member Access:

This is the lowest tier on this site.  For $10 a month, students will be provided access to all of the front-end pages of this site, with the exception of other students’ pages which are password protected for privacy.  If they desire, students under this tier will also be provided their own student page on which they can converse with the teacher and receive assignments.  The $10 payment covers one calendar month from the first day until the last.  If the student opts to begin mid-way through the month, this payment covers the fraction of the month left from the day they are granted access.

2. Video/Audio Review

Students can opt to send in a video or audio recording of their singing to the teacher for review, upon which the teacher will provide detailed critique and suggestions for improvement and training.  Submitted clips must not be more than 30 mins.  The teacher may opt to send his critique to the student in video, audio or written format.  This service is $10 per review.

3. Online Lessons

Students can arrange with the teacher to do a video conference lesson with the teacher using a service such as Skype.  These lessons will be as close to real-life face-to-face lessons as possible, typically with about half the time spent on warming up and exercising the voice and half working on repertoire.  Online lessons are $25 for 30 mins, $37.50 for 45 mins and $50 for 60 mins.


Terms of Use

I’m not a lawyer, and I’m not an internet marketing whiz trying to give you the least amount of service per dollar.  I’m a voice teacher, and I will honestly do my best to help you reach your goals.  I look forward to chatting frequently with my online students via email and am always appreciative of any suggestions they may have to improve this service.  As it is now, it will be very helpful to any singing student, but I fully expect to expand it along the areas that my individual students need.  As you grow and progress in your vocal studies, I intend to grow and customize the materials available to meet your needs.

That being said, this service is available as it is.  Please ask me any questions you may have before signing up so that you don’t have any false illusions of what I have available at this time.  I believe that my teaching and exercises are completely safe and healthy for the voice (if you do them the way I instruct) and will help just about anyone improve their singing voices, but of course I must put in a legal disclaimer for freak cases and opportunistic scam artists:  I of course cannot make any promises of what the service will do for your voice, and I cannot be held liable for any effects it may cause.  I cannot offer refunds for any service that has already been given, either in part or whole.  If you do have any concerns about payments or this service, please contact me and I will do my best to resolve them for you.

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