Piano Pop Chord Decoder

Use this to learn how to play any chord you may come across in a lead sheet or sheet music.



(These examples are for C chords, but are the same for any other chord)

C (uppercase) C major
Cm or c (lowercase) C minor
Cdim or C° C diminished
Caug or C+ C augmented
C7 C dominant 7th
Cmaj7 C major 7th
Cm7 C minor 7th
Cdim7 C diminished 7th

For any “slash” chords (eg. F/G), you play the first letter as the chord (in this case F major) and then  add the second note only — not the chord — (in this case a G) on the bottom, usually in the bass with the left hand.  So for F/G, you would play F A C with the right hand and just G with the left.

If you are still confused about a chord, try this page.

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