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15 Reasons to Take Music Lessons

Develop a Musical Talent. Develop a talent that will become a valuable and cherished asset of the student for a lifetime. A medium for satisfying personal achievement and entertainment. Build Self-Esteem. In addition to the morale that the student gains from working hard at a skill and succeeding, [...]

The Benefits of Music Lessons

“After nine months of weekly training in piano or voice, new research shows young students’ IQs rose nearly three points more than their untrained peers.” Source: Forbes: Sorry Kids, Music Lessons Make You Smarter   “Scientists have uncovered the first concrete evidence that playing music can [...]

Why Do I Need a Voice Teacher?

The voice is the quintessential human musical instrument: we literally are using it from the day we are born, and many people sing throughout their lives on their own.  So why hire a voice teacher?  Because though you may know how to sing, you likely have not learned all of the techniques that [...]
Making the Decision to Major in Music

Should I Major in Music in College?

For many teens who study music the question eventually comes up: should I major in music in college? The answer to this question is not easy. Ultimately, it will require some personal soul-searching along with plenty of counsel from the student’s teachers and parents. It requires an analysis of whether the student is well suited—in musical skill, work ethic and determination—for studying music in college and, most importantly, what realistic life and career goals that course of study will serve. If big these questions are answered satisfactorily, majoring in music can not only be a very rewarding collegiate experience, but the opening to a world of both future satisfaction and financial stability.
Why Major in Music?

Why Major in Music?

his is a question to which every music major must developed a strong, satisfactory answer. What are your goals in pursuing a degree in music? Are they reasonable? Will they lead to a career in which you can support yourself and your family? Do you love music enough to make it this big of a part of your life? A music degree can take you in a lot of directions, often ones that you never anticipated as you began. It is your responsibility to make sure you end up where you want to go.
Preparing to Major in Music

What Can I do Now to Prepare for Majoring in Music in College?

You have been preparing your whole life in school to enter into a major such as math, science or literature in college. Music is no easy exception. A music major entering into college is expected to have a set of skills and knowledge that also take years to develop. Here is a quick overview of what those expectation are.
Einstein Playing the Violin

The Benefits of Studying Music

Several studies by the American Association for the Advancement of Science, which is based at Brown University, explored the effects of art and music education on young children's learning. The conclusions of these studies support the theory that music instruction can help build intellectual and emotional skills, facilitate children's learning and strengthen other academic areas, such as reading and math. Also, these studies indicate that music can positively affect children and adults of all ages.
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